Are you a lonely leader who wants to trust more and do less?

Find a way for you to stop controlling everything and remove the need to chase after the next big thing in the hope you will find more happiness.


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Working with powerful leaders and coaches since 2015
Providing the space, attention and positive environment that enables you to show your whole self, drawing out your truths so you can lead with real authenticity. Giving more power to your intuition and building stronger EQ foundations to allow your more vulnerable and courageous self to guide you into the life you have always wanted to create.


Changing people’s way of thinking and perspective through one conversation.


Giving you the ability to lead with the whole of you, not hide and lead with your truths.


Changing your Mindfoundations® to go after what you actually want and be even more successful, living the true life you want to lead.

Awakening your internal leadership

More than ever people are looking externally for the answers to life’s complex challenges, the answers you search outwardly for come in many different forms. What I have learnt through introspection, having formerly always relied on…


Person centric, no teaching, telling, or preaching. Mindfoundations® and the Lonely Coach®​ is a systemic way of guiding you from where you are now to where you want to be by giving you the ability to look internally for the answers. 

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Featured Case Studies

Could one of these relate to you? Highlighting the challenge, the client’s initial thoughts on the challenge, the actual challenge and the client outcomes. All achieved after working with The Real Executive Coaching Company.

Powerful Leader

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Great leadership has nothing to do with skills...

I have been a leader who got promoted for my performance, a leader by default because the previous person left, and I have also been made a leader because of my years of experience.

In every eventuality at no point did anyone say we are promoting you because you represent and show-up with the right behaviours we look for in a leader.

What do clients say about me?

Digital Transformation Expert and Thought leader – Large management consultancy

Heather Egginton is an absolutely first rate Executive Coach, I have used her for myself and my team for the past 18 months and the results personally and professionally have been fantastic. Heather is someone who has lived and continues to live the values she talks about, she is very people centric and really understands what is holding back people, both individually and as teams. In my 20 years in business I have been on a lot of training seminars and met a lot of coaches and Heather is one of the best, she really cares and is all about getting the right results for you, your team and your business.

VP, Technology infrastructure leader – Global travel organisation

Working with Heather won’t be easy for you. You’ll have to acknowledge and address personality traits and professional behaviours that are holding you back. You’ll be challenged every step of the way and you’ll have to find the answers yourself. You’ll have to look into the mirror Heather holds up and be honest about what you and what others see. You’ll have to take ownership and then you’ll have to apply the feedback to really make what you’ve learnt count. Even if that sounds hugely daunting, I’d still encourage you to meet Heather because her profound insight and incredible coaching ability might just help you transform your career. It has transformed mine and I have a huge amount to thank her for in helping me to take the next, long overdue step. Heather is an inspiration and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her should consider themselves very fortunate indeed.

Managing Director, Medium size IT company

I have known Heather for around a year and during this time I have had the pleasure of attending 3 of her coaching sessions. They are really enjoyable, practical and targeted towards to reflection, Q&A group interaction and adapting your own behaviour. Her use of props and coaching methods allows people of different learning styles to get the most out each session. I personally recommend the sessions for providing the quality thinking time which have assisted me on my journey.