Heather started the Real Executive Coaching Company because she experienced business coaching for 4 years and it absolutely changed her whole way of being.

I worked hard to build a secure, safe and comfortable environment around me, never trusting anyone to help or allowing them access to my vulnerable side. 


I became top revenue earner in a male dominated environment five times in a row, won winners trips to amazing all expenses paid destinations and doubled profit margins by creating a new company which turned over £1.5 million in its first year. I brokered large million pound deals with the top six management consultancy companies, which meant I joined the exclusive internal ‘millionaires club’ and off the back of that I built a small property portfolio on the side. I wanted to be the best at everything!  A self-sufficient, driven and powerful individual, who did not need to rely on anyone financially.


It was a safe place but a very lonely one. I could never understand why I would do so many things for other people and yet, they were never there for me when I needed them to be. Can you relate to the irony in that?


After experiencing life-changing Business Coaching for 4 years, I finally realised that I needed to stop serving everyone else’s needs, stop pleasing people who did not deserve my energy and overall, I had to stop feeding off everyone else’s happiness. Faced with finding my own version of happy, I was going after my own mission and creating the true-life I wanted to live.

All of a sudden the landscape of my world flipped. I now face my fears and live my dreams.

The minute I stopped giving so much of myself to others, the negative people went away. Once I started doing the things I wanted to do, I actually started to excel. Reaching Director level in the business I commandeered and finally becoming retired from having to work at age 39. I have channelled my resilience, strength and power into what now really matters to me the most – giving other people a space where they belong.

Helping people see that you can be part of the “healthy giver” club, find the right place to belong and go after what you really want in the process.  

Setting up The Real Executive Coaching Co to support strong powerful leaders to think what is beyond impossible, aid teams to become highly productive by increasing their trust levels. Using Mindfoundations®  to remove the loneliness from small business owners – giving them a place to belong and grow.  Creating The Lonely Coach® (TLC) Community to provide a space for lone coaches to practice being, coaching and learn the real business of coaching.

The world does not happen to you, you happen to the world.  

If after reading this insight you decide your time has come to awaken your internal leadership, finding the whole of you to lead with, we should have a conversation.