About You

This is an unfamiliar place you find yourself in.  You are extremely strong all the time and give support to so many people. Never have you ever wanted to seek external help, just looking at this site is a brave step for you.

You are such a powerful and well-regarded individual, who is respected, loved and the pivot to a lot of people’s happiness. Most of your life has been spent supporting, lifting, pleasing and fuelling everyone else’s motivation levels. Already you make a lot of things happen for everyone else, against all odds.

Your needs have never come into question or been considered, until now.

Something has happened to you that has knocked you off balance. Your resilience levels are lower than before and everything you do now seems to bring you no joy. You are realising that all this giving is not serving you well, from leadership, Coaching, business and on a personal perspective.

There is something you have needed to do for a while but maybe the fear of failing has stopped you, the fear of upsetting other people held you back or you’ve lost that internal spark to go after what you want – really stand out.

You are not alone now that we have connected.

When you put your own needs first, everything else around you falls into place. Trust me, I know… because this was me!

Working on ‘you’ might be unfamiliar territory, seeking help to change how you currently BE or operate is not a comfortable place for you. Do you have the time to wait though?

I know you have already achieved so many great things, your strength has enabled you to overcome massive challenges in both your business and personal life. You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

The first step to putting your own needs first is to request a conversation with me. Sometimes all it takes is one conversation.