Community Creation - case study

Inclusion, giving people a voice and creating the space for people to belong is something Heather has been leading for 15 years.

Heather joined a coaching community with 24 powerful leaders all transitioning into coaching. The main focus when everyone joined was to really narrow down on their true directions, ideal clients and how they could really grow their coaching business quickly.

The community lifted, pushed and challenged each other so that they could all grow. The climate for change created felt safe, supportive and empowering. If one person seemed to have doubts, question their choices or worry whether they had what it takes – the whole community would hold them up.

Outside of the main programme, Heather decided to set-up a co-creation group coaching session. Allowing people to bring whatever they needed support on at the time, holding the space for people to gain a deeper connection to their whole-self and truths.

By giving everyone the chance to lead, participate, create, practice coaching this enabled the community to grow more together and individually.

The more people understood who they were, the connection to their clients got stronger, they leaned into their uniqueness more and their people started to follow – the universe started to deliver for them.

Your clients are a mirror of you.

Previously to this experience Heather created communities with teams of up to 50 IT professionals, while delivering IT systems to the management consultancy industry. 

The environment Heather has always worked hard to create focuses on allowing everyone to be seen, heard and have the attention they need to grow so they feel empowered to go their own way with ease.

Fun, vibrant, inclusive, engaging, awakening, challenging, safe and with your needs at the heart of everything she does.