The Lonely Coach® Community Mastermind

   True belonging does not need you to change who you are. It requires you to be who you are.

As coaches, we spend our lives holding the space for others. Who holds the space for you? The Lonely Coach® community is your space. Your space to belong, your space to recharge, your space to get deeply connected to yourself, your space to BE. This is not a place where you have to FIT IN, it is a space you FIT OUT by co-creating what you need support on in any given moment.

Doing is guided by the being, the internal place to work is with the TLC Community. Awakening your internal leadership in a safe, co-creation environment where growth occurs together internally. Experience powerful coaching, insights and self-discovery through group coaching sessions and individual deep connection conversations with others. 

A space where coaches will find their true calling, lead with their whole self,  be vulnerable, practice their being, coaching and have support around the business of coaching. 

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What will this community mastermind give you?

Over the last 3 years I have tried to find my way to BE and have the universe deliver. I have been a results coach, leadership coach, executive coach, organisational or cultural transformation coach and my last offering was focused on resilience. They were not directions that allowed me to show the whole of me, speak my truths and be 100% authentic – I was having to work harder than ever before because the universe received mixed messages from me.

I know now that the place I have arrived at, my true purpose, is to remove that feeling of loneliness for other coaches.  Supporting them to find their true place in the world so clients will come. It’s the community I needed 3 years ago, it was the one thing I hide away from, worked hard to avoid and kept too busy to face. I need to be surrounded by other coaches, you need to be surrounded by other coaches – this is what keeps us all brilliant to serve others powerfully.

The Practice of Coaching

You could have been coaching for 10 years or 1 year. The art and style of your coaching can get lost among the many different tools, qualifications and certifications available. Practicing your coaching, connects you deeper to your true direction.

The Business of Coaching

There are somethings you just don’t know yet. Anything from how to gain more clients, how to charge for your services, the best way to share your offerings, or packages and ultimately all the things outside of a coaching conversation.

The Practice of Being

As coaches, our biggest gift is to be fully present with our clients at all times. This enables the space to bring about the climate for change and growth by stopping in motion. Having the ability to stay perceptual and mind empty needs practice.